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What is your off season plan / How will you be keeping yourself busy?

My off season plan is to really relax before getting back into training in June. I also plan to try to lose as little fitness as possible over the off season, so going for a few runs and swims here and there to keep my body moving.

Will you be doing any travelling?

No travelling overseas this off season unfortunately, but I will be heading North to warmer waters to live on the Gold Coast. I’m super excited for this next chapter in my sporting career. I will be also closer to my boyfriend Riley.

Give us an update on how the Gold Coast is? I have moved to the GC and have started training at Northcliffe. So far so good! I’m enjoying the warmer winter (still chilly in the morning) and loving my new training environment

Why did you make the move? I am moving to the Gold Coast to be with my partner Riley and I also felt like this off season was a good opportunity to make a change.

I have loved every moment at Newport and loved having my family nearby, however a big part of growing up is stepping out of your comfort zone, so this is me growing up! Once I get settled I will be working part time and studying at Uni on the Goldy.

Who are your training partners at Northcliffe? There is an amazing group of athletes to train and race with. The likes of Courtney Hancock, Harriet Brown, Maddie Dunn and Danielle McKenzie will be awesome to train with and learn from.

Do you have any goals athletically during your off season?

Not particularly but I would love to keep in shape so it’s not a big shock to the body when I start back training. To assist in doing this I will look to keep up a reduced level of swimming, running and gym. These sessions will be based on how I feel and I will keep them all at a pretty low intensity.

During this period I will also be planning my season ahead and figuring out certain goals I would like to achieve in the upcoming season.

What time will you be waking up during the off season?

I love sleeping in whenever I can so I’m planning on sleeping in as much as possible to catch up on some sleep before the 4:30am alarms begin again! 8am would be a huge sleep in for me!

What will be your first race back?

I am planning on doing the Coolangatta Gold again this upcoming season if all things pan out.

Goals for the 2018/19 season

I would love to win the Coolangatta Gold, it is such a gruelling event and I really enjoyed it last year.The Nutri Grain Ironwomen is always a goal of mine to win and to win and Aussies Open Ironwomen would be a dream come true. Ideally a clean sweep!

What is your off season diet like?

The first week or so after Aussies I ate pretty horribly, but now I am back into healthy eating to hopefully put off the offseason blow out. I’m trying to keep everything pretty balanced while also allowing myself some time to relax, recover and enjoy some other experiences. I have been to a few weddings and parties in the off-season which has been nice to let my hair out at!