Swimming Laboratory

Australia’s First High Performance
Swimming Laboratory

Introducing the Engine SwimLab, Australia’s first High Performance Swimming Laboratory.

Powered by a 10HP flume, SwimLab is a highly flexible swimming environment. With over 25 speed increments to choose from, SwimLab can adapt from the beginner through to the elite.

Our multi camera setup provides athletes with the option of a live or delayed recording from 3 strategically positioned cameras, to ensure no part of the stroke is missed.

The video analytics software allows for immediate technical feedback and further review when accessing the cloud content. Athletes can slow down elements of the stroke and illustrate on the screen.

Additionally SwimLab is equipped with multiple mirrors which gives the athlete a unique perspective of the stroke.

At the SwimLab we can test true efficiency by measuring an athlete’s ability to maintain consistent speed while maintaining stroke frequency and technique under pressure.

Learn to maximise stroke efficiency by being able to ‘feel’ elements of the stroke that are causing resistance or instability. These elements are highlighted in the turbulence free current.