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What is your off season plan / How will you be keeping yourself busy?

I’m planning on having around 6 weeks off structured training. For the first two weeks I’ll be catching up on some work at ACTV Strength co, as the last few weeks leading in to nationals I really tried to focus on my training. This will keep me pretty busy over my break, we have some really cool events planned. I’m just looking forward to spending the afternoons with Kel and my dog Rae. Most importantly just switching my mind of training and racing, and not putting any pressure on myself to be the best.

Will you be doing any traveling?

Yep, yay.Kel and I are heading over to Queenstown in New Zealand. I’m really looking forward to going somewhere new and exploring. Plus, it will be the first time I’ll see snow which is pretty cool, other than that, we will escape for a few nights away here and there!

These are my goals + things I like to get done over my off season. 

My goals athletically during my off season are to have the first few weeks off and just rest. It’s been quite a long year for me, physically I could keep going but mentally I was quite drained. So the focus is to get out of the mindset of training, racing and doing everything I can to better myself to just relaxing and recharging the batteries.

I think there are two different mindsets around the off season in regards to moving/training. The first is if I feel like going to the gym or going for a run I will BUT it’s when I say to myself I should do this or do that for is when it becomes forced. I have to be careful not to get caught up in that mindset.

I also like to review my season pretty early on while its fresh in my mind. So I’ll write some notes of areas that I think needs improvement, areas that were strong for me etc. I will then go and catch up with Zayne, Brett and Taylor and plan for the following season.

In particular, I will catch up with Taylor who I do my gym work with. I think it’s important to have time off but also not lose too much momentum in this area. We will create a plan around the 6 weeks leading in to the start of me training again, we will focus on breathing, mindset, movement and mobility. I want to make sure my body is ready to go for the first session back and so I can also avoid injury etc.

I will catch up with James my chiropractor + Brad my physio to see if I need to focus on any areas of my body. Plus, I will catch up with Reece who makes my skis + Zane who makes my boards. I will put some gear on order so it’s ready to go when I need it.

I like to get all of this stuff out of the way so I can relax knowing I’m organised for the next season.

My other focus is ACTV, I have the time to free to put energy and focus into it and that exactly what I will be doing!

Oh and our house renovations continue… do they ever end??

However, Main goal is to switch off and enjoy myself.

What will your weekly plan be?

Weekly plan will be heading to do my own personal gym with Taylor. I’ll do this in the morning. Throughout the day/week I’ll be doing work for ACTV. Then in the afternoons I’ll be hanging with Kel and taking Rae to the dog park together or heading out for a surf. Movies/reading and relaxing of a night time at home with a few burgers and bit of pizza in there!

What time will you be waking up?

This will vary. Some days I’ll be up early to take some classes at ACTV or to take Rae to the park for a run so I can get a head start on my day. Oher days I won’t set an alarm, that’s a pretty nice feeling knowing you can wake up when you're body wakes up.

What will be your first race back?

My first race back will be the Coolangatta Gold in October. Yep, I’m doing it!

Goals for the 2018/19 season

There are 4 main events that I’ll be doing this season. The Coolangatta Gold, the world titles in Adelaide (that I’ve never done before), the Kelloggs Ironman series and to finish the Australian titles here on the Gold Coast.

The goal is always the same, I want to be consistent at all these 4 races, I want to train consistently, and be in a good mindset + eat and be healthy consistently because I believe that this is the key. I don’t out numbers on those, I mean, obiously I want to will, but above that I want to have the health to maintain and be a contender at all four events.

When can we catch you at ACTV

I’ll be taking a few classes each week. I’m there most days now that im off training, either catching up with clients, catching up with Barts and Powie or training myself. If you're around on the coast and want a cool place to train get in contact with us. Ill meet you there!

What is your off season diet like?

I like to be pretty relaxed for the first few weeks and then slowly start to ease back in to my normal diet. It’s nice to not have to think about what I’m eating and how I’m feeling. I can just go, ‘mmm yes chocolate, I will get you tonight’ and not worry about it!