ENGINE is one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, servicing the Swimming, Surf Life Saving and triathlon communities throughout Australasia.


To get the feel of our latest ENGINE Athlete training day, we sat down with none other than Tex Dixon for the lowdown. 

How did you get involved with ENGINE? 

I got involved with ENGINE straightaway when I started swimming at an early age as I learnt to swim at the Toby Haenen Swim School. I've worn the brand proudly from prior to being sponsored to today. 

Was this your first #ENGINE Athlete training day? 

I’ve done a couple of ENGINE training days before but the first one I can recall was around Aussies 2018 when I was starting to get back into things after breaking my leg.

Andrew was very accommodating with me as I could only do pull at that stage and was starting to slowly start tumble turning. I had a great time and as soon as a training day was announced a few weeks ago I was keen to get involved.

Going into the day, how were you feeling?

A bit worn out and sore from a big week of training but being around my mates and some good company made it not too bad.

What was your highlight of the day and why?

My highlight of the day was taking out the board rescue race we did at the beach with one of the groms who I think was only just in U14’s. I made sure I picked someone who I didn’t know as that’s what it’s all about and it was fun to get a cheeky win there.

What are your top three takeaways from the day?

  1. Consistency is key,
  2. A couple surf swimming skills
  3. How great of a family the Engine one is.

What practical skills will you take away from the day and into the rest of the season?

The master of the ocean Phil Clayton took us for an ocean swimming session while we were at the beach and Clayto was showing us how he runs along the ocean floor when the surfs up. However, it was a little tip that I've been practicing when picking up a broken wave and lifting your body up and creating enough surface area for the wave to pick you up and take you along for the ride.

Which session was your favourite and why (swim, gym, guided meditation, beach session, recovery, etc)?

I enjoyed all of the sessions we did but had a fun time at the beach going in and out the surf.

What would you say to others who want to become an #ENGINE Athlete?

Keep sticking at it. Consistency is key and your drive to work hard will always outweigh talent. Another is, to be patient. Everyone wants it all right now but when it happens, you’ll be so glad it happened when it did.

Big things coming from this one. Be sure to join in for the ride via his Instagram @tex_dixon1