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Where have you been spending your time and who with?

At home with my family! Escaping to the ocean when I can. 

How have you been keeping Active?

I've recently set a challenge for myself  '3 days for the month of May'. Which is basically running 3 times a week for the month of May. Running is definitely one of my weakest legs so to have a goal like that helps keep me driven and motivated. On the other days, my sister and I generally create some sort of circuit, either HIIT or strength, and conditioning. However, considering this is our off season, it's important that we do give our body's the opportunity to rest, therefore if we aren't feeling it we simply just don't do it. 

What has a ‘normal’ day looked like?

Thankfully I have still been getting a few shifts at work through this tough time. But if I'm not working, I'm either baking or cooking, colouring in, doing a puzzle, reading, playing board games with my family and keeping my body active... also binge-watching some Netflix here and there! 

Short term goals?

Improve my running! Like I said earlier this has always been the weakest leg for me. Every off season for the past 3 years I have had a foot injury. So slowly building my distances up whilst looking after my body is my main priority. 

Any new hobbies?

Let's just say quarantine has got me doing lots of puzzles and colouring in! I also found myself in the kitchen baking and cooking a lot more than  usual. 

What are you most excited about doing again?

Training, racing, and seeing my friends. I think this time apart puts things into perspective and makes you realise how lucky we really are. 

Binge worthy TV show:

Outer Banks and Manifest! Both so addictive. 

Fave Movie:

Definitely White House Down, and any sort of Romcom. 

Fave social media platform:

Instagram for sure. 

Fave account to follow on that platform and why?

I have lots of favourites. Any account that motivates and uplifts me in any way. Finding accounts that you feel inspired by and make you want to better yourself I believe are the best to be following. @sarahs_day @stephclairesmith@rileyfitpt_

Go to snack:

I love plain crackers and hummus! 

Go to main meal:

I'm a sucker for tacos or homemade sushi bowls. 

Go to outfit for at home:

Nothing beats lounging around in your Engine activewear all day.