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Where have you been spending your time and who with?

I’ve been alternating between my family home and my apartment, so I spend most of my time with my parents, the Peabody’s (my adopted Gold Coast family), and ChiChi my beloved greyhound.

How have you been keeping Active?

I haven’t particularly been too frantic about staying active during this time. I dealt with a lot of health problems and injuries during the 2019/20 season so I’ve been taking advantage of this time off to let my body and mind recover so I can come back to training repaired and healthy. I like to go on walks or bike rides every day, occasionally an ocean swim, yoga and stretching, and I do the Engine Active workout every Saturday.

What has a ‘normal’ day looked like?

I try to mix up every day, so I don’t have a routine or anything. I like to sleep in and wake up whatever time so it could be 6am or 10am unless I have early class. My days will usually consist of uni work and online classes, taking the dogs for a walk, maybe some cooking and cleaning, and if I need to head to the grocery shops I’ll ride my bike or walk there.

Short term goals?

To stop procrastinating doing all my uni assessment due soon.

Any new hobbies?

Yoga and TikTok.

What are you most excited about doing again?

To be honest, I’ve adjusted to this isolation thing and I’m actually really enjoying most aspects of it, especially being able to rest and have a break from my usual day-to-day life. I’m probably missing being at uni the most so I’m pretty excited to get back into lab when things eventually go back to normal. I’m also a little bit excited to get back into training, however, I know I’ll regret saying that when the sleep ins turn into a 4:30 alarm haha.

Binge worthy TV show:

Some of my favourites on Netflix are Brooklyn nine-nine, You, The good place, End of the F***ing world and I’m currently watching Vikings. If you have Stan, definitely watch Breaking bad.

Fave Movie:

Tough one! Some all-time favourites would have to be the Happy Potter movies, Big fish, Bench warmers, Scary movie 3, and Howle’s moving castle.

Fave social media platform:

Currently TikTok

Fave account to follow on that platform and why?

timsmontgomery is a good laugh on TikTok

Go to snack:

Homemade hummus with carrot or cucumber, smoothie, fruit, and my housemate pays me out for this one but I really like tin tuna with jalapenos (weird, I know).

Go to main meal:

Salmon with veg or anything Asian!

Go to outfit for at home:

The iconic tie dye baggy t-shirt with my all-time favourite fluffy star PJ pants. If I walk the dogs in the morning, I’ll wear my Engine Active tights for the day.