ENGINE is one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, servicing the Swimming, Surf Life Saving and triathlon communities throughout Australasia.


Where have you been spending your time and who with?


How have you been keeping Active?

In Newcastle our Ocean Baths have remained open, so I have been swimming a couple times a week as well going on a few runs or long walks with my family. I’ve also gone on a couple of paddles each week as well and completing the Engine Live Workouts every Saturday.


I get up early around 6am and go for a swim at the baths or a walk with my mum and the dogs. I come home and make a healthy breakfast to start my day, sometimes it’s a smoothie but I love to have eggs! Throughout the day, I have online school, once I log off, I’m usually craving to get outside. So, I try and go for a ski paddle or a surf at the beach. Keeping to a routine based around exercise, helps me keep motivated and concentrate on my schoolwork!

Short term goals?

Working on ski technique and improving my long-distance running.

Any new hobbies?

My new hobby would definitely be clean living! I’ve had a bit of green thumb lately; helping out Dad in the backyard and trying to keep away from using plastics. I love being in and around nature. Since school has returned, I have assisted the sustainability team with our rooftop veggie patches.





What are you most excited about doing again?

Getting back into my normal weekly routines, of training with my all friends! I have missed being at school, because its where I can participate in my other passions such as singing, drama classes and school sports!


Binge worthy TV show:


Fave Movie:

Freedom Writers and Chasing Mavericks


Fave social media platform:


Fave account to follow on that platform and why?

@4ocean or @take3forthesea because the ocean is my second home. I love seeing the positive contributions that these two corporations are making to help clean up the ocean by removing millions of pieces of plastic each year! It helps me take initiative myself to pick up rubbish no matter where I am and be a role model to others around me so they too can do the same and make a difference!

I also love @earthyandy, who makes the freshest plant-based recipes as well as showcasing the coolest and trendiest clean-living lifestyle!


Dates and peanut butter, rice crackers or just any fruit

Go to main meal:

Tuna and Couscous Salad with sweet potato, beetroot, spinach, red onion, cucumber, shallots, tomato, haloumi cheese and avocado.

Or Pad thai!!

Go to outfit for at home:

An oversized t-shirt and Engines Performance Tights with fluffy socks!