ENGINE is one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, servicing the Swimming, Surf Life Saving and triathlon communities throughout Australasia.


‘StayActive’ is dryland program designed to inspire and educate athletes around the country.

Created by 3 X Olympic Medallist Andrew Lauterstein (Engine) and 7 XCoolangatta Gold champion Ali Day (ACTV Strength Co), the duo sought to bring our community together with fitness following the COVID19 pandemic.


Shortly after, Engine athletes followed releasing their ‘favorite moves’ utilising their expertise and experiences to benefit everyone. These movements were then crafted into challenging workouts We’re very passionate about being fit, healthy and simply feeling great. Its why we get up, why we train and love to eat well. It’s that feeling of euphoria we feel every day we work hard, to become better at what we do.

#StayActive sessions are built to get your body, brain and spirit moving.

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10 Sessions programmed by duo Ali Day (@alastairday) & Andrew Lauterstein (@alauterstein) focus on:

  • Universal family friendly sessions (movements can be scaled) Improve overall strength and fitness
  • Educate and Inspire
  • Share experiences and communicate
  • Programs are scaled to fitness abilities

15 Sessions programmed by Engine Athletes

  • Sharing is caring. Athletes donate their time for a cause.
  • Bringing individuality to their favourite movements.
  • Provide unique user experience for all viewer.
  • Created for variety and differences.
  • Discover new training methods by some of the best.
  • Sessions are planned ensuring maximum results in least amount of time.
  • Focussed on the details of the technique involved, maximising each exercise.
  • Sessions are approximately 45min – we encourage a 15min warm-up and cool down before and after each session.
  • Each workout is focussed towards improving strength and fitness, with some mobility, flexibility and agility implemented.
  • Workouts include a range of training systems including, endurance, strength, speed, mobility and flexibility



  • Let's stay active and moving together. Anything is better than nothing.
  • The key to improvement is routine. Choose your day/s and time and stick to it. 2-3 sessions a week would be idea. 



  • Focus on the small things and do them correctly. Compete against yourself not others
  • Push yourself at your own pace
  • Progression is the key
  • Love improving - even if it hurts a little


Session Choice:

  • Start with the ones you like to begin and get harder
  • Be prepared with what's required before the sessions starts. Adjust the sets, reps, intensity as to your physical ability


Keeping Track:

What get measured gets done! For the best results, record your times and time cycles. Keeping track of progress will ensure improvement and provide the inspiration and enjoyment you need.

Repeating workouts is a great way of tracking progression. Write down all your results in a book.