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Where have you been spending your time and who with?

I have been spending my time at my home in Miami on the Gold Coast with wife Kel and dog Rae.

How have you been keeping Active?

I have been keeping active by:


Ski paddling

Catching waves on my board a few times a week.

I’m also very lucky that I have access to the gym so I get in there a few times a week. And of course doing the Engine x ACTV workout every  Saturday.

What has a ‘normal’ day looked like?

I like to wake up at a regular time usually between 5 to 5.30am and go exercise. After it’s home for a shower and breakfast. I love having smoothies and broth.

Then I go about my day, I use a white board and break it up in to quadrants ranging from Important urgent / Important non urgent / Non Important urgent / Non important non urgent. I use this to get the things done, be organised and also productive. It also helps keep me calm because I’m not worrying or forgetting things.

Throughout the day I’m normally on the phone to Barts my business partner discussing ACTV strength co. My role at ACTV is mainly admin work, running the social media and also taking a handful of zoom online sessions. So throughout the day I’m chipping away at my list.

In the afternoons I take Rae Day to the dog park and I’ll normally walk around and listen to a podcast / audiobook or make some calls. Then I go out and do an afternoon session.

In the evenings it’s dinner cooked by Kel, speaking on the phone to our families, a bit of Netflix, shower, planning my day out for tomorrow and reading. In bed by 8.30 asleep by 9pm.

Short term goals?

Training consistently and stringing some weeks together. I’d really like to do this so my body will be right for June the 1st when we start pre season.

Building a better online presence with ACTV, we are also creating a new online platform which is exciting. Hopefully the doors of the gym will be open soon so just doing everything we can to make the gym epic when it opens.

Finish off some things around our house.

Any new hobbies?

We’re renovating our house and I’m not that great with my hands. Painting has become my job so I’m doing my best to not only paint but learning to just try things that I might not be that great at. It’s fun and you get to learn a whole new thing, which I love the feeling of.

What are you most excited about doing again?

Seeing my family and friends down on the South Coast.

Binge worthy TV show:

The Last Dance / Michael Jordan.

Fave Movie:

The Gentlemen.

Fave social media platform:


Fave account to follow on that platform and why?

Fox League, keeps me up to date on all news in the NRL plus has a heap of articles each day that I like to read.

Go to snack:

If Kel hasn’t made any treats, it’s Muesli and yogurt at the moment.

Go to main meal:

Has to be steak / roast with mashed sweet potatoes and greens.

Go to outfit for at home:

Temperature just dropped so it’s beanie, socks, hoodie and trackies. Yeah, I feel the cold haa.