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Where have you been spending your time and who with?

I’ve been spending lots of time at the beach with my brother and dad. Also been spending a lot of time catching up on Netflix aha. Also spent a lot of time learning to love running with Chloe aha.

How have you been keeping Active? 

Doing some swims in the ocean, catching waves on the board and some running…learning to enjoy it more ahah.

What has a ‘normal’ day looked like?

Normal day for me I get up at 5:30 either go to the beach on the board or go for a swim. Then online school starts at 9 do that till 3 and go to the beach that afternoon for either a swim or paddle. Some afternoons I might also run up mt Emu with Chloe.

Short term goals? 

My short-term goals are to get into more of a routine, start some training and stay healthy and injury free.

Any new hobbies? 

Cooking!! Been trying to learn ahaha has not been very successful!!

What are you most excited about doing again? 

Seeing all my friends again!! Especially cause Aussies and states was cancelled I didn’t get the chance to see some of my good friends.

Binge worthy TV show: 

Vampire Dairies ahah

Fave Movie:

Jason Bourne movies!

Fave social media platform: 


Fave account to follow on that platform and why?

My fav account to follow on Instagram at the moment would have to be Mark Howard who does the Howie games podcast, my dad got me onto them, and I love listening to them to relax at the end of the day.

Go to snack:

Hmm hard probably any fruit really aha I love fruit!

Go to main meal: 

Anything really but probably burgers or Indian

Go to outfit for at home: 

Engine trackies and hoodie with uggs ahah comfort and warmth always!