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How would you describe Molokai2Oahu race?’

Obviously, I have never experienced this race before but to me Molokai is one of the most special races in the world. The challenge of being out in the middle of the ocean, all by yourself, on a board and cover 52km. It is simply to me a huge mental challenge and a test that I want to see if I can overcome.

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What excites you most about competing in the race for the first time?


I’m excited to take on an unfamiliar challenge and head over to Hawaii for the first time but at the same time I’m very nervous as it is nothing like I have ever done before. I’m going to start a race and paddle from one island to another, in the middle of the ocean. It seems crazy and I think that’s what excites me the most. I know it will test me both mentally and physically, more than anything I have ever done before. Going over and sharing the experience with Matt (Bevilacqua) is also something that I’m really looking forward too.

What have you done differently in your training to prepare for the event?

Our typical Ironwoman races can vary from 15mins-30mins and for the past 12 weeks I’ve had to teach my body to train for a 5-6 hour single discipline board paddle. I’ve had to include lots of lengthy paddles to condition my body, and basically extend all my other training sessions to be purely endurance based. This has changed my fitness from having speed and power to developing a large endurance base.

What has your weekly training schedule been in preparation for the event?

My training has involved lots of very lengthy board paddles learning how to control an 18-foot paddleboard. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. My program consists of 4 swimming sessions approximately 6km, 4 board paddles approximately 20km, 2 ski paddles ranging from 10-15km, 3 running sessions (30mins) and 2 gym sessions (1 hour).

What type of conditions would you like?

I’d love it to be super windy. I’ve grown up doing paddle backs along the Gold Coast and they are definitely some of my favourite  sessions.

Who will be on your support team and how will you be fuelling yourself during the race?

My Mum and Dad will be coming over to Molokai with me and be going on the escort boat. Dad will get in the water and pass my all my drink bottles/nutrition and Mum will do all the organising. I’ll be fuelling myself with Body Science Intra Workout, Body Science BCAA’s and using the Hydroxyburn Shred when I need a caffeine hit.

If you could give 3 tips to anyone thinking of doing the event or similar endurance board paddling event what would they be?

    • Making sure you are swimming minimum 4 four times per week.
    • Conditioning your legs through specific sessions (running/riding or gym)
    • Lots and lots of kilometres on the board!

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image molokai2oahu.com