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Now, *we* know that you know to swim efficiently you need a strong kick. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, right?

Well… not only does it provide propulsion to help you move through the water, but it also plays a key role in maintaining proper body position and alignment.

Let’s unpack some of the key benefits of a strong kick as well as sprinkle in some tips on how you can improve yours along the way.

  1. Increased Propulsion: One of the key benefits of a strong kick in swimming is helping you move more efficiently through the water. The force generated by your kick helps push you forward, allowing you to swim faster and with less effort. This is important for all swimmers yet especially those swimming free or fly as you rely heavily on your kick for propulsion.
  2. Improved Body Position: Correct body position is everyone’s starting point for better swimming regardless of if you’re a beginner or a pro. Once you’ve got that down pat, you’ll want to focus on your kicking. The good news is that kicking actually helps lift your body in the water, which stops you from sinking and therefore sitting lower in the water. We’re especially talking to our freestylers as a low body position can cause drag and slow you down.
  3. Enhanced Balance and Alignment: A strong kick can also help you maintain proper balance and alignment in the water. When you kick, you create torque, which can help to counterbalance any rotational forces caused by your arms. This is especially important when you are swimming free or back, as these strokes involve a lot of rotation. By kicking strongly and maintaining proper alignment, you can swim more efficiently and reduce drag.

So, now onto the practical side (where the work really begins ;). Here are a few tips to improve your kick:

  • Practice kicking drills: Kicking drills are a great way to focus on your kick and improve your technique. Some popular kicking drills include flutter kicks, dolphin kicks, and single-leg kicks. 
  • Use fins: Fins can help to increase the resistance of the water and make your kick more challenging, which can help you build strength and endurance. 
  • Pay attention to your technique: Make sure you are using proper technique when kicking. This means keeping your legs straight and together and using a full range of motion. 

To wrap up a strong kick is an essential component of efficient swimming. It provides propulsion, helps maintain proper body position and alignment, and enhances balance and alignment. By practicing kicking drills, using fins, and paying attention to your technique, you can improve your kick and swim more efficiently.