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Swimming is a sport that requires a combination of strength, endurance and technique. One of the key techniques that swimmers use to improve their performance is the pull, or the arm stroke used to move through the water. 

If you've never really thought that much of it, be sure to keep reading to find out what you could be missing out on: 

1. Increased speed and propulsion: The pull is a key component of freestyle, and it helps to generate forward momentum through the water. By pulling with strong, coordinated arm movements, you can increase your speed and distance per stroke.

2. Improved body position: Pull helps to keep the body in a streamlined position, which reduces drag and allows swimmers to move more efficiently through the water.

3. Enhanced endurance: Swimming is a physically demanding sport, and the pull helps to build upper body strength and endurance. By pulling with good technique, swimmers can conserve energy and swim for longer periods of time without fatiguing.

4. Better technique: The pull is an essential part of the freestyle stroke, and it requires precise technique to be performed effectively. By practicing the pull, swimmers can improve their overall technique and efficiency in the water.

5. Enhanced mental focus: The pull requires focus and concentration and practicing this skill can help you develop mental toughness and discipline.

Pull is an important technique that helps you increase speed, improve your body position, build endurance, and refine your overall technique. By working on your pull, you can become more efficient and effective in the water, which can lead to improved performance and success in the sport. What's not to love?