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Tired of feeling awkward and slow every time you swim Fly? We've got you covered!

Here are 4 drills to try when you jump into the pool next.

Butterfly Kick Drill:

1. Start by holding a kickboard out in front of you with both hands. 

2. Begin kicking your legs in a butterfly motion (flutter kick) while keeping your face in the water and looking down.

3. Focus on generating power from your hips and core, keeping your legs together and your ankles relaxed. 

4. Aim for a consistent and rhythmic kick, with an emphasis on the up and down motion of your legs.

5. Perform this drill for a set distance or duration, gradually increasing the intensity and speed as you progress. 

For example, start off with 15m dolphin kick and then switch to freestyle kick for the rest of the 50m.

As you get more comfortable and improve you can increase the distance of your dolphin kick to 25m. 


Single-Arm Butterfly Drill:

1. Swim butterfly using only one arm while the other arm remains extended in front of you. 

2. Start with your left arm extended forward and your right arm at your side. 

3. Execute a full butterfly stroke, breathing to the side as you would normally. 

4. As your left arm recovers and enters the water, your right arm should initiate the next stroke.

5. Focus on maintaining a smooth and efficient motion, emphasizing a strong underwater pull with the active arm.

6. After a set distance or duration, switch to the other arm and repeat the drill. 

Pop fins on to help with your smoothness in the water. 

Butterfly with Fins Drill:

1. Wear fins to increase your propulsion and help you maintain a better body position in the water. 

2. Perform full butterfly strokes while incorporating the use of fins. 

3. The added propulsion from the fins helps you focus more on the correct technique and timing of the stroke. 

4. Pay attention to your body position, keeping your hips high and your head aligned with your spine. 

5. Engage your core muscles and maintain a fluid and coordinated motion throughout the drill. 

6. Gradually increase the speed and intensity as you become more comfortable with the drill. 

2/2/2 Drill:

1. Complete two single arm butterfly strokes using your left arm.

2. Complete two single arm butterfly strokes using your right arm.

3. Complete two double arms butterfly.

* If it's too difficult feel free to pop on some fins to help.

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