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Walking into the pool every morning at the crack of dawn can sometimes be a hard slog for even the most dedicated swimmer. Yet for 14 year old, Kayden Gibson, from Gladstone South Swimming Club it's all part of the fun. He's committed, focussed and demonstrates a great training attitude. We caught up with him after some impressive results at Age and Open Nationals last month. Keep reading to hear his take on it all. 

Competing is what Gibson does best, let's take a look at his most recent stats:

  • Making finals and finishing as the National Champ in 100m FLY
  • Making finals and finishing as the National Champ in 200m FLY
  • Making finals and finishing 3rd in 400m IM

Not to mention making the finals in the:

  • 200m BACK
  • 100m BACK
  • 400m FREE
  • 50m FLY
  • 50m BACK
  • 200m FREE
  • 200m IM
  • 800m FREE

It's also worth mentioning Gibson is now the 28th fastest swimmer in Australia across all age levels for his 200m FLY. 

ENGINE: How did you get involved in the sport?

Gibson: I started swimming lessons at a very young age and found my love for the water and sport which lead me to joining a club and starting to compete. 

E: What's your favourite event?

G: 200m FLY. 

E: What's your favourite thing about training?

G: The physical and mental challenge that each different set brings. 

E:To reach these impressive results, there must be times when you reach a training slump, right? 

G: Sure. Remembering my next goal and reminding myself that I can do better helps. 

E: What's one piece of advice you wish someone had told you coming up the ranks?

G: Discipline will beat motivation any day of the week and that the best version of you is the disciplined version. 

E: What are you working towards at the minute? 

G: At the minute I am training for QLD Short Course Champs in August. 

E: What's it like being a part of the #EngineAthlete team?

G: It's brilliant! I get to wear and promote a great quality Australian brand and be part of an awesome community of great athletes and people. 

We're pumped to see what's in store for Gibson next. To keep up to date with him on poolside be sure to follow him across socials @kaydengibson_