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Tell us a little about ACTV strength Co and what you guys offer?

ACTV Strength Co is a health space that includes a gym, recovery clinic, and health bar. We offer functional, targeted gym classes designed to cater for everyone. Upstairs we have a recovery clinic that you can book into to receive treatment and advice from Chiropractors and some of the best Strength and Condition crew around. It was really important to us that our facility was inviting and inclusive, so our vibe and feel are at the core of our functioning.

Who is ACTV Strength Co targeted at?

ACTV is broad in that our target market is quiet literally anyone who wants to get fit and healthy, be inspired, and leave the place a better version of themselves. We just want to fill the space with good people that want to help each other out as they too help themselves.

Why should we go to ACTV Strength Co?

When we first started, our goal was to provided state of the art, targeted training in an inspiring space filled with good, like minded people. We believe we have achieved this, and for that reason, we think you’d love it.

How has it been setting up ACTV Strength Co and training for The Gold?

The set up phase was intense, we spent all our time getting ACTV ready for launch so it’s definitely been challenging at times as you would expect, but it’s so rewarding and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m really lucky, I have a great business partners + Kel that understand the amount of work that needs to be done as a professional athlete and that really allows me to focus on the sport when I’m not at ACTV. It’s the first time in my career that I’ve had something else going on rather than just focusing on ironman. So getting that work + life + training balance is tough sometimes, I find more than anything I just need to be more organized but I’m definitely getting better at it. I have really enjoyed putting my focus to ACTV, I think it’s perfect timing for me. I have always wanted an outlet away from professional sport that I can be involved with, and ACTV is exactly that. I get to go train awesome crew and be involved in something bigger than myself, and that’s a pretty feeling.

What are you goals and aspirations for the year ahead both as athletically and in business?

Athletically speaking I would love to race well in the Coolangatta Gold again, I love this race so much and I’m really looking forward to it and if I come out with a good result I’ll be over the moon. So much goes into it and as always, there are challenges in the process so when they can be rewarded with results it’s great.

The format of the Summer of Surf has changed this year, so in previous years I have had a few months to rest/recover after the gold but this year there is only a few weeks turn around until the first round. This is going to be a challenge on its own so my goal for the Summer of Surf is to recover as best I can both physically and mentally and be ready to go for round 1. The key here is to be consistent, that’s what it takes to win the series. I would love to win a round of the Summer of Surf and hopefully be at the pointy end come round 6. Lastly I would love to carry that form over to Perth and race well at the Australian titles particularly the Ironman. I have had some great results racing in Perth previously and can’t wait to get back over there.

Business wise for us our goal at the moment is to grow. Were on top of all the behind the scene stuff now so we can put time into getting out into the community and sharing ACTV a little wider. I have a vision where I would walk in to the gym and have the place packed/pumping at every session and now we will start to fill up these spaces. Staying true to us, it needs also to be a great environment, that’s inclusive, supportive and fun, so I think its all about appealing to the right kind of people, and we are well on our way. We want our members to feel like it’s their own gym and feel a part of a family/community. We want them to leave feeling good about themselves and again it’s about consistency and building up to being there as much as I personally can. We would love to get involved more with the community as well here on the Gold Coast, a big goal of ours is to pair up with some local non-for profit organisations and give back where ever we can. We have an awesome space and we just want to use that to help as many people as we possibly can.