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How did it feel to win Round 1?

It was super exciting to take out round 1, it was a dream come true. Ever since being in nippers I had always wanted to be in the Nutri-Grain Series, so to win a race was amazing.


What were your expectations leading into the race?

I had no expectations leading into the race to be honest, with studying for my HSC and doing my exams in the weeks leading up to the race my training hadn't been as regimented as usual. I had no idea how I'd go because I hadn't yet raced this season, so I was just hoping to make the final.


What went right?

In the race, because there was a surf I knew that the race wouldn't be over until you crossed that line at the end. Even though I didn't have an ideal start in the opening leg, I didn't give up and tried to keep working my way through the field the whole time. I tried to use the surf to my advantage and follow the plan my coach and I discussed before the race.


What has your training schedule been like with year 12?

I have tried to maintain and be consistent in my training schedule throughout Year 12, although at times it can be difficult to balance especially around exam times. I have tried to be consistent in swimming most mornings before school, and then training at the beach each afternoon. I used training as my study breaks.


How have you been able to balance Year 12 and Iron training? What advice would you give to others who are in school?

It has been quite difficult to balance school and a heavy training load at some stages, but to be able to balance both as best as I could I had to make the most of my time. When I was at school I would make the most of every minute I was there, trying to get a head start on homework to minimise the amount of work I would have to do in the afternoon. That way I would be able to go training in the afternoon and still keep on top of my studies. I also would try to maximise my time outside of school, whether that meant doing some schoolwork in the car on the way home from school or doing blocks of work around training to ensure I kept on top of my work. My advice to others who are in school would be to make the most of your time, and keep a good balance. There is no point training so much that when you're at school you can barely concentrate, because you will run yourself down and end up sick. Also, ensure you still get enough sleep to allow yourself to physically and mentally recover properly.


Plans for when you finish school?

My plans at the moment are just to have a bit of downtime, and concentrate on my training a bit more. Having studied a lot over the past years, I'm looking forward to reading a book for leisure not because I have to study it and not having to write any more study notes for a while! I’m planning on doing some part time work as well before I start Uni next year