ENGINE is one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, servicing the Swimming, Surf Life Saving and triathlon communities throughout Australasia.


30 swimming training sessions programmed by Olympians Andrew Lauterstein (@alauterstein) and Kenrick Monk (@kenrickmonk)

The 10 week training cycle has 3 Sessions per week specifically designed to prepare Intermediate to Advanced swimmers for their next event. The program focus’ on:

  • Increasing aerobic fitness
  • Improving your lactate threshold
  • Increasing speed
  • Progressive overload


  • Ideally the three session are completed within the week and a Open Water Swim on the weekend
  • If unable to complete all 3 in a week – you can pick your preference of main sets to complete.


  • Do the best you can
  • Aim for improvement from week to week
  • Push yourself at your own pace
  • Progression is the key
  • Love improving - even if it hurts a little

Keeping Track:

  • What get measured gets done! We suggest printing off all 10 weeks of the training program in which you can record your time cycles etc.
  • Keeping track of progress will ensure improvement and provide the inspiration and enjoyment you need.
  • Printing out the sessions allows you to prepare mentally and physically


Download The 10 Week Program HERE