Swayde Cole




Mordialloc Lifesaving Club


Beach flags and beach sprints

Swayde Cole

How do you stay motivated and push yourself in training?

I stay motivated in training as I love pushing myself and enjoy being in an environment where everyone is passionate, and striving to be better at a sport that I love.

Many athletes have pre-game rituals that help them get into the zone. What are some of your personal pre-game rituals or routines that you believe help you get in the zone before hitting the beach or pool?

Before hitting the beach for a competition, I try and enjoy a healthy meal the night before, have a good night’s sleep and make sure l'm organised for the day ahead.

Reflecting on your career so far, what would you consider as the most memorable or defining moment?

My most memorable moment is when I won the U/15 girls beach flags at the Aussies.

Are there any specific achievements or milestones that you are particularly proud of and that you feel have significantly impacted your journey as an athlete?

Winning the U14/15 mixed beach relay at last year's Aussies, was a significant moment for me, as it was mine and many of my teammates first Aussies medal.

Beyond your athletic pursuits, do you have any hobbies or passions that might surprise people?

Outside of surf lifesaving, I’ve done gymnastics most of my life and currently train 20 hours a week.

How do you balance your intense training and competition schedule with personal interests outside of your sport?

I have developed a strong routine where I prioritise what sport/discipline is needed most at that point in the season and then work around that, fitting in short “bonus” sessions where I can.

What are your top 3 ENGINE products (either for racing or training)?

1. Deck Parka - Stadium (it's a must when competing in Victoria).
2. Santorini's (by far the comfiest and prettiest bathers on the market!).
3. Backpack Pro-  a must for carnivals.

Swayde Cole Wear

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