Mitchell 'Mitch' Trim






Mitchell 'Mitch' Trim

How do you stay motivated and push yourself in training?

Motivating me day in, day out is knowing that I have room for improvement every single year. Trying to be that touch fitter, stronger, faster keeps me pushing at training each session. Surf Life Saving can be such an individual sport but knowing that I will be racing with my Newport team mates me keeps me on my toes as I don’t want to let any of them down throughout the summer.

Reflecting on your career so far, what would you consider as the most memorable or defining moment?

A defining moment for me was when I was 20 (2nd year of opens), I placed a 2nd in the Open Male Single Ski at the Aussies against a final full of Olympians. From that day I felt like I deserved to be in those Aussie finals.

Are there any specific achievements or milestones that you are particularly proud of and that you feel have significantly impacted your journey as an athlete?

Special moments on the beach for me have been our Open Male Taplin wins. Super special times for the club and my teammates.

Beyond your athletic pursuits, do you have any hobbies or passions that might surprise people?

I have recently become a new Dad to my little baby girl, Elke. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and since her birth any free time I have is spending it with her. Family time is my hobby now.

How do you balance your intense training and competition schedule with personal interests outside of your sport?

I work full time at Macquarie Bank in the City of Sydney as well as training twice a day so it’s a very busy day. Training for Surf Life Saving is always in my own time away from family time, so it is either before my girls wake up or once my little girl goes to sleep. When I train, I must make it worth it, and it will always be intense.

What are your top 3 ENGINE products (either for racing or training)?

My fave Engine product must be my Deck Parka in the Winter, best ever. Closely followed by my Turbo goggles and Club Cut racing cossies.

Mitchell 'Mitch' Trim Wear

Club Cut Surf - 2XL
$45.00 AUD
Turbo Goggle - Clear
$25.00 AUD
Deck Parka - Stadium - 2XS
$225.00 AUD