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Mia Hoo

How do you stay motivated and push yourself in training?

By reminding myself every day of how lucky I am to be able to do what I do, and that in order to achieve my goals I will need to work for it. It also helps that I love what I do, my team mates and my coaches.

Many athletes have pre-game rituals that help them get into the zone. What are some of your personal pre-game rituals or routines that you believe help you get in the zone before hitting the beach or pool?

Listen to my favourite music on the way to the event!

Reflecting on your career so far, what would you consider as the most memorable or defining moment?

My most memorable moments from this season is probably NSW Junior State swimming titles. I had some really good swims over the 2 days.

Are there any specific achievements or milestones that you are particularly proud of and that you feel have significantly impacted your journey as an athlete?

I was selected in my first interbranch team this season for SLS. It's always amazing to be part of a team with everyone trying to achieve the same goal. I feel like I can learn a lot from the older athletes too.

Beyond your athletic pursuits, do you have any hobbies or passions that might surprise people?

I really just enjoy spending some downtime at home - reading books and occasionally doing some art. I enjoy watching movies too.

How do you balance your intense training and competition schedule with personal interests outside of your sport?

I try to prioritise things at the right time. I know there might be times I have to sacrifice school or socialising with friends due to an event, but I also know that we'll make the time for those things at a later point.

What are your top 3 ENGINE products (either for racing or training)?

1. hands down Santorini one piece suits.

2. the long line puffer jackets

3. weapon goggles. I also wear the women's classic short tights daily!

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