Alexis 'Lexi' Sutherland




Cooks Hill Surf Lifesaving Club, NU Swim


Alexis 'Lexi' Sutherland

How do you stay motivated and push yourself in training?

At both swimming and SLS training I am lucky enough to have such a great group who all love the sport so much. We all work together and push each other in our training sessions with our coaches keeping us motivated when training gets tough.

Many athletes have pre-game rituals that help them get into the zone. What are some of your personal pre-game rituals or routines that you believe help you get in the zone before hitting the beach or pool?

I like to listen to music, stretch and talk to my coaches and friends before I warm up. I also like to be at the beach early to look at the conditions.

Reflecting on your career so far, what would you consider as the most memorable or defining moment?

One of my most memorable moments was medalling in the swim and board at Aussies or winning the board rescue with my teammate.

Are there any specific achievements or milestones that you are particularly proud of and that you feel have significantly impacted your journey as an athlete?

Making the NSW team was a big achievement and the experience of racing against the states and all the people you get to meet there was so fun.

Beyond your athletic pursuits, do you have any hobbies or passions that might surprise people?  

Just like many others I like going to the beach with friends, surfing, and swimming at the beach.

How do you balance your intense training and competition schedule with personal interests outside of your sport?

My interest outside of training is spending time at the beach which makes it easy to fit in after or before training. 

What are your top 3 ENGINE products (either for racing or training)?

Santorini’s, Wingskin Bullets and Weapon Googles.

Alexis 'Lexi' Sutherland Wear

Weapon Goggle - Army
$35.00 AUD
Santorini 1pc - Bold Logo - G10
$90.00 AUD
Wingskin Bullet Kneeskin Female - F20
$460.00 AUD