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How can equipment be used to enhance your training and performance in the pool – we are here to give you the inside scoop.

WHAT: Mesh Backpack

Let's face it swimming equipment can be clunky and hard to carry. A mesh backpack is the solution. All your equipment can be placed in this fast-drying backpack. It can be brought right to the edge of your lane making your equipment easily accessible. It keeps all your items together, by opening and closing the bag with the adjustable drawstring, whilst you do your bit in the pool.

WHAT: Pull Buoy

The pull buoy is a common training device used to improve your upper body. It is placed in between your legs and whilst using the pull buoy, you don’t kick. The pull buoy provides optimum buoyancy allowing you to move through the water with just your arms. Use it in training to develop your technique and strengthen your upper body.

WHAT: Kickboard

This essential training tool allows you to develop one of the most fundamental skills of swimming - KICK. The board is held with your arms stretched out along the top and is used whilst on your front. Using a kickboard allows you to isolate your lower body to develop lower body strength and kick technique.

WHAT: Paddles

Swim paddles are used on the hands to develop technique, power and strength. Engine paddles have a fully adjustable silicone hand strap to ensure maximum comfort during training. Using paddles forces swimmers to use a high elbow (developing freestyle technique) as well as increasing resistance in the water to develop strength in the upper body. Using paddles also assists in developing efficiency in freestyle, because whilst using them fewer strokes can be taken per lap.

WHAT: Snorkel

A snorkel is placed on your forehead and allows you to breathe without needing to turn your head to the side. Using a snorkel is helpful to work on body position, alignment in the water and head position. Additionally, when swimmers have injuries snorkel training can be useful as well.

WHAT: Flippers

Using flippers in training has multiple benefits. Flippers can be used to increase speed whilst simultaneously reducing fatigue. This can help swimmers concentrate on upper body technique by reducing reliance on their kick. They are also used to increase ankle flexibility and develop lower body muscle strength. Fins can also be used to develop proper kick technique. By using fins, it provides a resistance that forces the feet to be in a position that develops the up-kick phase.

Training session that requires above equipment:

200 S.K.I.P.S

200m Swim (choice)

200m Kick (w/kickboard)

200m I.M, 200m Pull (w/pull buoy)

200m Swim (choice)

8 x 25 maximum distance underwater w/fins

*make sure you are in streamline position

100 easy swim

3 x

8 x 25 pull w/paddles - focusing on low stroke count

2 x 75 pull w/paddles, w each lap increasing in effort: 1st 50% 2nd 70% 3rd 90%

2 x 25 (no equipment) H.V.O* 

* HVO - High Velocity Overload – Swim to 15m at full speed without breathing, rest of the lap swim easy.