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TheSwimSuitGuy has done a review on our BULLET Jammer.

The SwimSuitGuy is a very well respected and researched athlete and coach. 

He understands the importance of durability, compression and the mobility - which are all key components of designs the perfect Performance Race Suit. 

He describes the Bullet Jammer as "best of both worlds" in regards to compression and mobility.

Watch the review here:


Comprising cutting-edge 3D compression design, the BULLET will provide fire to your performance through accelerated speed and maintain optimal body positioning – when you need it most.

Constructed with powerful water-repellent fabrics, the BULLET is contoured to master-fit your body into a dynamic, friction-less forwards motion.

With competitors on each side, black line beneath you, the muffled crowd roar in your ears, and finishing wall looming ahead, you can be confident the BULLET will help get you there first.

The BULLET is an unparalleled race-suit for your most important athletic moments.

Prepare to explode.

The World’s Best Technology

For Your Fastest Moment.