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We caught up with ENGINE Ironwoman Georgia Miller to find out what she has been up to since Aussies and how she is preparing for the upcoming Surf Life Saving season.

How has training been this off season?

This years off season training has been the biggest and best I have ever done. After a very interrupted pre season and season last year, I got back into things fairly quickly after Aussies. It has been so great to have some consistency back with my training and I have been focusing more on endurance work, along with a lot of work in the gym and running.

What actions or changes are you putting in place to improve from last season?

I have really tried to improve my overall fitness and stamina leading into this season. I have incorporated a lot of long distance sessions into my beach training, which has been a very big challenge, along with short rest sessions in the pool which are always tough. But most of all I have tried to be as consistent as possible, not missing sessions and making sure I make every session count.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

My goals for the upcoming season are to complete the Long Course Coolangatta Gold, to win the Summer of Surf Swim and Ironwomen overall point scores, and to win the Open Swim and Ironwomen events at Aussies.

Has your boyfriend Riley (Olympic Kayaker) given you some secret tips for ski paddling? If so, what are they?

Riley has taken me for a few ski paddles this winter and we have also jumped in a double ski together. He has given me a few tips to work on for my ski technique, always telling me “long and strong”, which has really helped me improve the efficiency of my stroke. For racing, a great tip he has given me (which I always try to work on not only in ski paddling but also in other events) is to “get out in front and keep improving”.

Describe what a normal training week is like for Georgia Miller.

A normal training week for me consists of 4 swim sessions, 2 ironwomen sessions, 2 ski sessions, 2 board sessions, 2 running sessions and 2 gym sessions.

When out of the water, what are 3 of your passions?

Three of my passions away from the water are:

  1. Working with kids
  2. Spending time with my amazing family
  3. Sleeping in when I don’t have to wake-up for swimming!!

What are 3 goals of yours in life away from sport?

  1. To eventually open a childcare centre with my eldest sister,
  2. To travel lots and especially return to South Africa, and
  3. To complete a marathon (sport-related but a goal of mine none-the-less!)