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Oceania Eustace

How do you stay motivated and push yourself in training?

I stay motivated by setting myself new goals each week. I find that the more racing I participate in the more I grow as an athlete and as a person. A massive motivator for me is the younger generation at my club. Trying to be the best role model for them to look up to and learn from. I also find my recovery and rest super important to be able to tackle each week at my best ability.

Reflecting on your career so far, what would you consider as the most memorable or defining moment?

One of my most memorable moments was attending my first Aussies. Meeting girls who had the same love for the sport, and the environment of how large surf sports really was. Watching the professional women race to now be standing on the start line with and seeing yourself on the same level.

Are there any specific achievements or milestones that you are particularly proud of and that you feel have significantly impacted your journey as an athlete?

Participation at the North Bondi Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf winning my ski semi final and making ski finals. As well as making the iron semi final.

Beyond your athletic pursuits, do you have any hobbies or passions that might surprise people?

In my spare time I love to surf, spend time with my friends as well as reading and painting.

How do you balance your intense training and competition schedule with personal interests outside of your sport?

As young athletes its hard to maintain a balanced routine. Although with commitment and a supportive coaches, school and friends and family. Its easy to set a routine which we call our lives. But for me being kind to myself in finding time for me to do those extra activities I enjoy just as much as surf.

What are your top 3 ENGINE products (either for racing or training)?

1. Engine Deck Parker (A necessity in Tasmania).

2. Santorini Bathers and Shredskin (most flattering, vibrant colours and you can never have too many bathers, makes me super fast in the water).

3. Weapon googles (the one and only pair of goggles I will ever and have worn, so comfortable and no fogging).

Oceania Eustace Wear

Weapon Goggle - Army
$35.00 AUD
Santorini 1pc - Bold Logo - G10
$90.00 AUD
Deck Parka - Stadium - 2XS
$225.00 AUD