Nick Stoddart




Swansea Belmont


Board/ Iron

Nick Stoddart

Share your favourite quote:

“You want results, train harder”

What’s your favourite thing about competing?

I absolutely love this sport and the lifestyle it brings. The atmosphere at every carnival is amazing and the people that do the sport are all really like minded people.

Who is your role model and why?

John John Florence. Even though he is in a different sport. No matter how many times he gets injured he never gives up and always come back stronger then ever.

What inspires you to be your best?

Knowing every day I train I’m putting my health and well-being first.

Walk us through your routine of getting ‘in the zone’ before a major event / race:

I always like to either go around and talk to as many people as I can or just being in my zone and listen to some music.

To date, what’s your career highlight?

Winning the u19 blue water classic world paddle boarding championships. 

Going into this season, what’s your number one goal?

My goal being a first year open is to hopefully qualify for the iron series and make and many finals as I possibly can at SOS.

It’s the night before a big competition... what’s your must-have meal?

I always go the simple chicken snitty with potatoes and veggies.

What’s your favourite song to listen to before competing or during training?

At the moment my favourite song is Jimmy Cooks by Drake.

What makes Engine products different from other gear out on the market?

The constant reassurance that I can rely on my gear. Engines products are like nothing else. 100% reliable and always are the best looking on the beach.

What’s your crucial Engine product(s) and why?

Shredskin racer briefs. Never had any problems and always are the most comfortable and fastest.

Nick Stoddart Wear

Weapon Goggle - Army
$35.00 AUD
Iron Jammer 3 - 2XS
$195.00 AUD
Wingskin Bullet Jammer Male - M18
$350.00 AUD