Ben Blakeney


Club: Freshwater SLSC

Coach: Grant Coates (with Kurt Hanson)

Favourite Event: Surf Race, Belt Race, Ironman

Personal Best Results: 7th U/19 Surf Race NSW, Final U/19 Ironman NSW, Top 15 Surf Race U/19 Aussies

Major Achievements: Bronze Belt Race @ Aussies, NSW Belt Champion

Short Term Goal: Top Placings U/19 Swim NSW, Belt Medal @ State and Aussies Long Term Goal: Representative Teams for Surf Life Saving,

Weekly Training Program: 5-6 Swim Sessions & 4-5 Surf Sessions during summer. 2 gym sessions

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Engine Club cuts and Wingskin Pro, they’re very comfy and great quality. Also Weapon goggles are great to see whilst swimming!

Favourite Food: Everything – especially Lamb Yeeros

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Eat, hang with friends and family.

Best Advise you have received: Start the way you want to finish

Favourite Quote: Everything is hard before it is easy

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