Wes Gould


Club: Mullaloo

Coach: Andrew Mosel (Mozzie), Andrew Ridley

Favourite Event: Board & Iron

Personal Best Results: 2017 State Titles: Open &U19 Board, U19 Ski, U19 Iron, U19 Belt Champion

Major Achievements: Winning the 2016/17 W.A State Open & U19 Board Race Titles which has only happened once before.

Weekly Training Program: 4 Swim, 1 Ironman, 2 Gym, 2 Board, 2 Ski, 2 Kayak

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Shredskin Jammers. I love the Shred skins as they are designed to be fast and capable of meeting my demands while racing, however they are so comfortable that they are ideal for training in also. I think they look mean and professional making them my Favourite Product.

Favourite Food: Steak & Chips

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: I am a full time Chiropractic Student so studying to achieve my Degree. I enjoy my family and social life with a bit of Surfing.

Best Advise you have received: Enjoy everything for what it is, find a positive in every situation, stay passionate and be Humble. I find this relevant to Athletic and everyday life.

Mentors: Wes Berg, Andrew Mosel, Andrew Ridley, my Brother Brett & my Parents

Favourite Quote: The Man on top of the Mountain didn’t fall there.




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