Nick Stoddart


Club: Swansea Belmont


-       Tim Allen, Ryan Cook – Board

-       Wayne Whiteman – Swim

-       Nat McGregor - Iron

Favourite Event: Board Race

Personal Best Results: U14 2017 Board Champion

Major Achievements: U14 & U15 2017 NSW State Board Champion, 2017 U14 runner up Ironman state champion

Short Term Goal: Back to back Aussie board titles, an Aussie medal in Ironman for 2018

Long Term Goal: Qualify and compete in a professional Ironman event

Weekly Training Program:

-       Swim : 3 sessions (2x pool, 1x surf)

-       Board: 2-3 sessions

-       Iron: 2 sessions

-       Run: 1 session


Favourite Engine Product (and why): Iron Jammers – They are the most comfortable and feel best in the water. .

Favourite Food: Chicken Schnitzel

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Surf and Skate

Best Advise you have received: Results will come if you put in the work.

Mentors: Matt Bevilacqua and Matt Poole

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