Matt Sperring


Athlete Name: Matthew Sperring

Club: Elouera Surf Life Saving Club, Dapto Swimming Club, Port Hacking Royal Life Saving Club

Coach: Tom Okeefe, Phil Mcilwraith, Felysia Konokoff, and Nathan Miller

Favourite Event: Ironman, Surf Swim, 100m Tow, 400m freestyle

Personal Best Results:

1st 2017 NSW U/17 Ironman

1st 2017 NSW Country U/17 Ironman and Surf Swim

1st 2017 NSW Pool Rescue in 100m Manikin Tow and 100m Manikin Carry

3rd 2017 Interstate U/19 Surf Swim

Major Achievements:

2017 NSW Interstate Team

2017 NSW Country Trans-Tasman Touring Team

2017 Short Course Coolangatta Gold Team champion with Jy Timperley and Corey Fletcher

Short Term Goal:

Continue to train hard, whilst balancing my training with school as I am completing my HSC.

Long Term Goal:

Top 3 in the NSW U/19 Swim and Ironman and then back it up with Top 6 at Aussies in the same events

Weekly Training Program:

Swim train 6 times. Board train 2 times. Ski train 2 times. Ironman train 1 time. Run 2 times. Pool Rescue 1-3 times depending when in the season.

Favourite Engine Product (and why)

I love the Engine Shredskins as I wear them when I am Surf Racing. I love these swimmers so much as they are very comfortable and allow me to race to the best of my ability.

Favourite Food:

Nachos and Chocolate milk

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport:

Hang out with my mates and watching all sports on TV

Best Advise you have received:

When you are in a hard training session, your mind will fail before your body does physically. Therefore if you have a positive mindset, and push past your comfort zones, in races when the pain starts to kick in, you will have the extra edge over your competition, because you are so used to hurting in training


  • Phil Mcilwraith
  • Nathan Miller
  • Ali Day

Favourite Quote:

“The pessimist see’s difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Be the optimist.” – Winston Churchill


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