Luke Cuff


Club: Mermaid Beach

Coach: Mike Janes

Favourite Event: Eliminator / Anything with waves

Personal Best Results: Podium 3rd Place Rd 2 KNG Finals Weekend 2017 Major Achievements: 3 X consecutive Open board relay Champion

Short Term Goal: Recover from injury

Long Term Goal: Race Wins / Series Win

Weekly Training Program: 4X Swim 2X Ironman 2 X Board 2 X Ski 3 Recovery

Favourite Engine Product (and why) Engine Race Jammers (Comfortable to race in)

Favourite Food: Acai Bowl

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Play with my dog

Best Advise you have received: Focus on the process and the result will take care of it-self - Michael King


Phil Clayton

Daniel Carruthers

Michael King

Mike Janes

Favourite Quote: The Best way to do it, is to do it

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