Ethan Williams


Club: St. Peters Western

Coach: Stewart Melton

Favourite Event: 200m Butterfly

Personal Best Results: Gold 200m fly at Queensland States 2 years back to back (2015-16), Silver in 2015 Queensland States 100m fly, Bronze in Queensland short course 100m fly, Bronze in 2016 Queensland States 100m fly, Gold for 200m fly in the Australian Age Nationals.

Major Achievements: 2015/16 season Queensland state long course championships. Gold 200m butterfly, silver 100m butterfly.

Award for best junior performance at St Peters Western.

National Australian age championships in Adelaide. 6th for 200m butterfly and 9th 400IM.

2016/17 season Queensland short course championships. Bronze 100m butterfly.

Queensland long course championships. Bronze in 100m butterfly, gold in 200m butterfly.

National Australian age championships in Brisbane. Gold 200m butterfly, 5th in final for 100m fly and finalist for 400m freestyle.

Award for best junior National performance in St. Peter's Western.


Short Term Goal: My short term goal is to improve in more events that aren’t my main focus.


Long Term Goal: My long term goal is ultimately to compete at the highest level of swimming, in the Olympics.


Weekly Training Program: 7 sessions a week: Monday afternoon (1h dryland, 1.5h swim), Tuesday afternoon (1h dryland, 1.5h swim), Wednesday afternoon (1h dryland, 1.5h swim), Thursday morning (half hour dryland, 1.5h swim), Thursday afternoon (1h dryland, 1.5h swim), Friday morning (half hour dryland, 1.5h swim), Saturday morning (half hour dryland, 1.5h swim).

Favourite Engine Product (and why): The Engine Wingskin C6 because out of all the the race suits I have tried; they suit and fit me the best.

Favourite Food: My Mums Roast beef and vegetables.

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Hanging out with friends when I’m not sleeping.

Best Advice you have received: Focus on how you swim your race, the times will speak for themselves and medals are just a bonus.

Mentors: My coach Stewart Melton and Michael Bohl.

Favourite Quote: Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually correct.

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