Cory Taylor


Club: BMD Northcliffe (AUS), Midway (NZ)         

Coach: Kevin Morrison

Favourite Event: Ironman

Personal Best Results: New Zealand Ironman & Ski titles 2017

                                     2016 Surf lifesaving championships, Ironman race 3rd


Major Achievements: Duel World Surf Lifesaving Champion with the New Zealand Blackfins team

Short Term Goal: 2017 World Paddleboard Champion, Coolangatta Gold Podium

Long Term Goal: 2018 World Ironman & Ski Race Champion

Weekly Training Program: 4 Swimming sessions, 2 Running session, 3 Gym sessions, 3 Ski sessions, 2 Board sessions, 2 Ironman sessions

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Male Iron Jammer, a very comfortable, flexible and buoyant piece of swimwear. Usually have to sacrifice some flexibility to aid flotation for swim but they are still very easy to run and wade in.

Favourite Food: Burgers & Chips

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Traveling, Gaming

Best Advise you have received: Training to create a weapon of your current weakness is the smartest thing an athlete can ever do

Mentors: Cory Hutchings, Dad, Kevin Morrison, Matt Sutton

Favourite Quote: "You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great"

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