TJ Hendy


Age: 22

Nickname: Teej

Club: Surfers Paradise 

Career Highlight: Aussie Board rescue title with my dad and making the Aussie board final with 4 of my club mates/best mates

Favourite Event/Competition: Ironman, board race and team events. 

Pre Race rituals: I usually don't wash my board off before the race, I don't know why. 

What keeps you motivated: I want to feel like I'm the best I can be. So until I reach what I believe that is, I'll be motivated. 

Hobbies: Surfing, Watching footy, travelling and Golf. 

What does your dream day off include: wake up early because i think the surf is going to be pumping. Check the surf it is amazing surf with all my best mates. Come in and have an epic breakfast after surfing for 4 hours. The wind comes up in the surf so we go play golf. It's a bit wet so the carts are sliding around, I get a hole in one on the last and win that round against the boys after a clutch comeback.  Head back home to see that the surf is pumping again and head out for another 3 hours. Come in the surf report for the next day is saying its going to be amazing again! Head to the movies and get a great feed and watch Star Wars VIII with pop corn and ice cream and chocolate haha! 

Secret Talent: Dad jokes (puns) and Black Jack

Sporting Idol: john john Florence, kelly slater and Jake Talbot 

Favourite Food: salmon sashimi or coconut ice cream

Favourite Quote: Begin with the end in mind! 

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