Ali Day


Age: 26

Nickname: Ali or Alla

Club: Surfers Paradise

Career Highlight: Qualifying for the Nurti Grain series for the first time, that feeling.

Favourite Event/Competition: Coolangatta Gold, or any team event at Nationals.

Pre Race rituals: Watching Seinfeld the morning of. I try to keep things really normal and calm to ensure I'm relaxed. The 'hype up' thing doesn't work well with me.  

What keeps you motivated: The love of my sport and wanting to be the best version of myself. I draw a lot of inspiration from other sporting personalities, as well as my family and friends. 

Hobbies: Health and Nutrition. A good movie. Reading. Travelling (when i can)

What does your dream day off include: waking up early on the South Coast of NSW, going surfing with mates than off to eat a big breakie. Spending time with the family, watching a movie, eating burgers and ending the night with an outdoor fire and good company and a BBQ. 

Secret Talent: I have a really really good memory. haha. 

Sporting Idol: I have so many. Top three: Brett Kirk. David Pocock. Stephen Curry. 

Favourite Food: Grill'd crispy bacon and cheese burger, sweet potato chips, coconut ice cream. 

Favourite Quote: 'how to be successful: focus on your own stuff' because its so important to maintain a good mental space where others cannot shake you and you can 'control the controllable'.

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